she could get a better look. I moved back next to her, but this time - Johannesburg

Published date: 01/05/2017
: Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

she could get a better look. I moved back next to her, but this time closer. Again I cover my face and watched her. Her eyes immediately shot to my aching penis. I was standing no less than a metre away now and she was becoming edgy. Her stare now was fixed on my cock. I couldn't help but feel my rod starting to harden. I arched my back and felt my cock fall out the front of my pants. Her look was priceless. She licked her parched lips and was now transfixed by my growing meat. I was getting an erection half a metre away from my fantasy women. I continued to cover my face and murmur strange sounds to make her think I was still hallucinating. She was now lightly massaging her breast and I could almost feel her hot breath against my rod.
With her hands clenched tightly on her breast she moved her head forward held her mouth an inch in front of my dick. I closed my eyes and felt her warm saliva engulf the head of my penis. I moaned with pleasure. Slowly the warm sensation travelled down my meat as her lips met my pubic hair. The old bitch swallowed my 8 inches whole in one gulp. I almost came right then. I started gyrating my hips as she sucked harder. Her moans became audible as she kneaded my balls. Fuck it felt good.
My hand found it's way onto her large breasts and into her shirt. She continued to suck harder and grew more aggressive. I rolled her old nipples and they were as hard as my cock. She pushed me to the floor. My cock was throbbing and was out of her mouth. She slipped out of her slacks and stood above me. I could see her parted pussy lips oozing wetness and longing to be filled. Lying on my back she had both feet either side of me I was looking directly up her vagina.


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