It was two hours later that she came back looking very beshevelled and totally - Johannesburg

Published date: 09/05/2017
: Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

It was two hours later that she came back looking very beshevelled and totally content. She lay me on the bed, took off her dressing gown and then her nightdress and sat naked over me so that my prick was touching her cunt and I could see her wet and very wide open and red pussy.

She said that it had been terrific, right from when she had knocked on Tom's door and he had opened it so that she could see that there were only candles burning and he was just wearing his pyjama trousers. He had led her in and had put his arms around her and had pulled her so close to him to make sure that she felt his stiff prick pressing into her and he had taken off her dressing gown and had slipped her nightdress down to the floor so that she was standing completely naked in front of him.

He said liked what he saw and that he wanted her to see him the same way and he put her hands on to the top of his pyjama trousers and made her pull them down so that he was also naked with his prick sticking out firmly towards her. She said that his pyjamas caught on his prick as she had to loosen them. She said it took her breath away when she felt his prick, it was huge, about nine inches long and very thick, so thick that she couldn't get her fingers around it, and as she touched it and wrapped her fingers around it she could feel how hot and firm it was and how much warmth was coming from it and it she tingled with the thought that shortly she was going to have it pushing inside her.

When Tom had sat her down on the bed she said she couldn't wait much longer to have him screwing her and she had pulled him on top of her so that she could feel his prick touching her quim. She said she was wetter than she had been for years and could feel her juices running down her legs and she wanted to feel him entering her so badly that without any further play she put her arms around h


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