It starts out with you laying on your back on my bed - Cape Town

Published date: 04/08/2017
: Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

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It starts out with you laying on your back on my bed. Relaxed, calm and at ease. I haven't touched you for a while but you have your eyes closed in complete trust. All is well, all is safe. The world can go on turning for a while without you, no worries, no thoughts, just peace.

You feel like a lake, a calm and undisturbed mountain lake whose surface is still and beatutiful like a mirror. There is no sound, no wind up here just the beauty of the lake, filled with pure crystal clear water.

I touch the top of your right hand with the tip of my finger.

It's like a single drop falling into the lake, causing beautiful ripples that flow outwards from my touch. You feel warm, tingly waves washing over you as the ripple expands and dissipates in the distance. All of your body felt it, a lovely little tingling wave that must have rushed over every bit of your skin.

I touch you once more, on your lower arm.

You feel another wave, stronger this time, expand from your arm over your shoulders, your chest, stomach, face and legs as your surface is again disturbed by a single, humble drop. The wave is sweet and erotic, your naked skin tensing as it passes. You feel it caressing your nipples, your lips and your center. It's lovely and soft.

Another touch, on your shoulder.

Again the wave is stronger, slightly hotter as well, you feel how it expands through your body, making the hairs on your skin stand up and take notice. You feel it expand, more and more even beyond your body. You are the lake and the lake is you. You feel the ripples beyond your body expand and fade in the distance and you enjoy it. You feel every bit of pleasure that the wave can give. And it's not over yet.

A touch just above your heart.

You moan just a little as you feel how hot the wave is this time. You feel it expand, reaching both your nipples at once this time and flowing over your clitoris so sweet that you feel a shiver going up your spine while the wave continues down your legs. A wonderful ba



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