I just love it when i see how guys lust after me in skimpy short skirts - Johannesburg

Published date: 24/05/2017
: Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

I didn't realized it but that was on Sunday night so it was four days until we worked again. These days were the hottest we had in a long time. Usually we would fuck once during that time but we fucked everyday. I wasn't the leader in this, she was and her orgasms were stronger than ever. I knew she was thinking about him but I didn't care as long as she was taking good care of me.
On Thursday she took a little longer than usual to get ready for work and I noticed she seemed to be real anxious to get there. Nothing had been said since we had the talk the other night but the way she was acting I knew she was going to fuck him tonight.
Since it was Thursday it was a slow night and we only had one lane open. Of course I was covering it and I could see them talking but I couldn't hear what was being said. The way they were laughing, smiling and flirting I was sure she had already told him she would be his Mistress.
He took her and left a few minutes earlier than usual and I knew the next time I would see her she would be his Whore. I watched as his car went down the lane towards the lot and pulled into the back row. He had circled all the way around to the other side were no other cars had parked yet.
By now I was getting a car load coming in every 5 to 8 minutes and my cock was growing hard as I thought about them. I was sure they were fucking by now. I wished I could go patrolling now and walk up on them like Keith and I were always doing to others. Between cars I was rubbing my cock until I was to the point of cumming before I would stop while I thought about her laying in the back seat with her legs spread for him. Then I thought about it, I wondered if he was wearing a rubber or if she would let him cum in her. I wondered if she was on the pill now. She had been talking about trying for another child.
That was one of those nights that Keith didn't come out to close the box office, instead he called and told me to shut it down and walk in.


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