I didn’t notice I was wet until one fingertip slid effortlessly into my damp, fleshy slit. - Cape Town

Published date: 03/08/2017
: Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

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n the no man’s land a mile above some unnamed piece of terrain, only God knew what time it was. The aircraft creaked and hummed in the gentle turbulence, the darkened cabin smelled of precooked meals and filtered air. That great metal bird, with slumbering strangers tucked neatly in its metal belly, carried me towards a dreaded stage of adulthood.

In the dimmed cabin, I lay back in my seat, nestled under my thin wool airplane blanket and let the music in my headphones pull me into that private space where sight and sound inexplicably become one. I couldn’t take my eyes off the crystal droplet of moon precariously hung in the indigo sky above an endless froth of charcoal clouds, beyond the frost-fringed oval window.

And I could not let go of the song. When it ended, I fumbled blindly for my player, and dialed it to repeat. It saturated my blood, forcing out all the other bonds that worried at the edges of my consciousness. I snuggled deeper into my seat, felt my nipples stir at the sensation of fabric against fabric, and the song looped again, forging emptiness inside me.

With my gaze still fixed on that pearlescent moon, I quested instinctively for comfort. My hand burrowed under my clothes, cupping the warm mound of my cunt. The moon, the music, the low hum of big engines: I didn’t notice I was wet until one fingertip slid effortlessly into my damp, fleshy slit. In that mechanical darkness, the dreaming minds around me were busy with their own interior landscapes. But still the song was there, immersing me in alien passions. I furtively played myself alive to its cadences.

When the need to fill myself became too great, I stood up on shaky legs and felt my way to the washroom, only to find it occupied. Waiting in the blackness, dimly aware of a few members of the cabin crew – going about whatever clandestine work they do while passengers sleep – my impatience grew.

After a few moments, one of the solicitous attendants approached me and whispered. I had to pull


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