Another time happened after Pam was married and now living half a state away - Johannesburg

Published date: 10/05/2017
Modified date: 13/05/2017
: Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

Another time happened after Pam was married and now living half a state away from me. My husband and I were planning on helping Pam and her husband work on remodeling a room in their house. Pam's husband and my husband went to get more supplies, leaving Pam and I alone for about an hour or two. We went downstairs in the kitchen and sat down and had a cup of coffee together and just to talk. Pam was telling me about her new piece of sexy lingerie she got from a local store. So we proceeded to go into the bedroom so she could show me what she had bought. It was a long white see thru nightgown with skimpy white panties. She asked me what I thought of it. The whole time I was thinking of what she would look like in it. She then blurted out, "Should I try it on for ya?". I said "sure". So she stepped out of the room and went into the bathroom to change. She then came out and she asked me what I thought. I said,"you look great." Randy is really gonna like to see you in that. Pam then approached me and said,"Do you think I look sexy in this." I once again said,"yes". Pam pulled to close to her and kissed my gently on the lips. She said to me,"remember at your apartment what we did." I said,"yes". She said I wanna do that again. I said,"What if the guys get home and catch us." She said,"They wont." She then proceeded to lift up my sweater and started to fondle my breasts thru my bra. I had on a tan silky colored bra. She rubbing my nipples thru my bra really made them hard.


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